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Hardwood logs kiln dried fire logs large

Hardwood Logs Kiln Dried Fire Logs Large 40L Nets - Logs 25cm long

A mixture of beech, oak and hornbeam wood is the best combination for wood burning

  • High calorific value of approx. 18 MJ/kg ensures a good price-to-heat ratio
  • Wood packed in nets of 40 l.
  • a mixture of beech oak and hornbeam wood
  • high calorific value: 17.8 MJ/kg- humidity below 20%
  • packed in a 40L net
  • low % of bark in the total weight of wood


  • Dried hard wood is made of beech and hornbeam wood chips and is intended for combustion in conventional fireplaces and stoves
  • Both species are distinguished by high density, very low bark content of about 7%, which translates into an overall high calorific value of 17 MJ/kg.
  • Thanks to the drying process, the moisture content is below 20%
  • After burning, we get about 8% of ash. Remember that you can use it as an ingredient for fertilizing plants.
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