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Birch Oak RUF Briquettes Heat Logs

Birch Oak RUF Briquettes Heat Logs: High-Energy, Long-Burning, Eco-Friendly Fuel for All Fire Types, Ideal for Fireplaces, Stoves, BBQs

Introducing our cutting-edge RUF Birch and Oak Mix Fuel Briquettes, the optimal choice for all your heating needs.
These briquettes are the next generation of biofuels, perfect for wood and multi-fuel stoves, open fires, barbecues, wood-burning cookers, and even central heating systems?

Our product offers exceptional heating power, attributed to its low moisture content of 7.4% and a high calorific value of 18 MJ/kg (5.0 kWh/kg). These attributes allow for a long burning time of up to 2.5 hours, surpassing most of our other offerings.

In fact, our tests reveal a total heat release time of over 4 hours, with the briquettes burning for approximately 1.5 hours and then glowing while emitting heat for over 3 hours.

This performance is enhanced by the briquettes' light colour and smooth, uniform surface The RUF Birch and Oak Wood Fuel Briquettes are not only high-performance but also eco-friendly and clean.

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