Wooduburn offers wood burning related goods or services.

WOODU - Our Brands

Wooduchoose - a name that describes what we do in many ways. Lots of our products are designs that are customizable in the timber of choice the 'wood you choose'.

Our selection of wooden product microsites

Plus 'wood you choose' poses a, wider, question challenging us to choose wood, replacing 'would you?' with 'wood you?'. This led us to use other verbs with the 'wood you' concept to create a collection of innovative online spaces that group products and services to specific niche areas with the timber industry. Check out our, spin off mini-sites.


Woodutrade - the supplier portal for Wooduchoose. If you are in the wood industry Woodutrade is for you. Receive qualified leads, sell products, connect with others and much more.

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Specialising in jobs for the timber industry. Wooduwork helps job seekers and employers connect. Our expertise in the woodworking arena helps talented individuals find rewarding jobs.

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Woodubuy.com is a specialist site thats sells sawn and planed timber direct to the trade and retail customers, all sawn timber and planed timber orders include full UK delivery.

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Get close to nature with beautiful, wearable, wooden products. A collection of some of the best timber products that you can wear. From wooden watches to sunglasses and much more.

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Wooden stairs are not just a means to another level, they are often the feature of living or working spaces. Our background is from stair building, amongst other, high-end, joinery and craftwork, and we have created some incredible wooden masterpieces over the years. Wooduclimb enables us to use this experience to connect buyers and sellers of wooden stairs, stair parts and timber ladders. Including custom and bespoke items. Wooduclimb: scaling new heights. The online home of timber staircases.

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The stunning combination of the, natural, beauty of wood with the clean striking effects of epoxy resin. Wooduresin is collection of some of the best resin and wood products available. From river tables to resin wood phone cases. We showcase products here plus you can build your own custom products.

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Nature with nature - how surfing is supposed to be. The natural beauty of wood in harmony with the seas. Eco-friendly, beautifully crafted surfboards from around the world. Combine your passion of surfing with a closer connection to mother earth. Woodusurf is collection of some of the best timber surf boards from around the world. A dedicated platform to showcase wooden surf boards and related products.

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We are passionate about wood and all things related to the timber industry. Wood is our only renewable material and is so versatile and adaptable. Learning more about this beautiful resource is vital for us all. Woodulearn connects students and learners to providers of courses, training, literature and learning resources. Including wood science, timber uses, forestry, woodworking courses, health and safety, online woodwork courses, webinars and much more. A timber industry academy online.

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Wooden toys, games, sporting goods and much more. Wooduplay is collection of some of the best wood products available. From cricket bats to childrens toys. We showcase products and services related to wood you can play with.

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The timber industry is a very specialized sector and when it comes to technology it vital to have providers that know this space. We have been in the wood industry since the early 90s so we know the terminology, we understand the challenges and we can help you with any website, coding or software needs. Woodudigitize enables us to use this experience to connect those who are looking to keep up with the, ever evolving, online and digital space, with those who can help.

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We love the beauty of wood but is vitally important to care for it. Here we showcase some of the best wood care products on the market. This includes specialist wood coatings, oils, waxes, wood stains, varnishes, and full wood paint systems. Wooduprotect offers timber care, timber treatment, wood decoration products plus related goods and services. Helping to connect buyers with sellers.

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Wood can be worked and crafted for any application. Here we take it further by offering products and solutions for engraving. Engraved wood products, timber items that can be personalized and even the tools and machinery to help you achieve this growing art. At Wooduengrave we showcase some of the best products from the world of laser engraving, CNC, timber carving and much more. All goods and services related to this woodcraft sector. Helping to connect buyers with sellers.

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Timber products for landscaping or gardening products. Timber decking, fencing, sleepers, planters, garden furniture and more. Woodulandscape connects buyers and sellers of wooden landscaping items and timber for outdoor projects. Including custom and bespoke items. Woodulandscape: keeping outdoor spaces natural.

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Woodurecycle is an online hub for everything related to recycling timber. From recycled furniture to wood shavings for animal bedding. We provide this dedicated space to connect buy, sell, reclaim, salvage, repurpose, and recycle wood and timber products.

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Unlock the beauty of custom-crafted wooden windows, doors and gates with Wooduopen. From traditional to modern designs, historic to period styles, we connect you with the finest bespoke wooden door and window solutions to complement every setting.

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Discover the art of gifting with Woodugift, where every wooden item tells a story. From birthdays to anniversaries, our curated selection offers timeless treasures for every occasion. Dive into a world where sustainability meets aesthetics, and gift not just a product, but an experience steeped in nature's charm.

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